we are. the future of slow fashion.

We’ve seen the future. And it’s thrifted. That feeling of finding treasure hiding in the rails at our kilo sales – it’s golden. And online, you get the same feels, but whenever you like. We’re there to help you find that perfect piece that’s preloved – and you love.

we are. writing a new sustainability story.

The world has a toxic relationship with clothing and consumption. Shopping secondhand is a big step you can take towards changing that.

Find a gem. Look awesome. Wear responsibly. Pass it on.

It’s time to join the circular economy. 

we are. not a marketplace.

There’s no haggling with someone halfway across the country for 50p off a T-shirt. This is all high-quality, branded thrift. Everything’s checked and cleaned. You get proper photos and sizing – and returns. No more guesswork.

we are. run by passionate people.

We believe sustainability is about more than just slapping an eco label on something and calling it a day. A truly sustainable business has to be constantly pushing for change and trying to make the world better. 

That’s why we like to give job opportunities to those who haven’t chosen the traditional academic route. You can build an exciting, fulfilling career here. Sound interesting? Contact us for our latest vacancies.

we are. – the story.

We launched we are. in June 2021, to give you a simple way to shop second-life fashion at a great price – and to have a great time doing it. 

Kicking off in Truro, our kilo sales soon made their way across the country. Thousands of people have found new ’fits from old garments. We’ll probably be popping up at a venue near you soon – check out our upcoming events

Now, you can shop we are both IRL and online. So you can get your fashion however you get your kicks.